Bioline Enterosegel 225g


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Enterosgel is an innovative drug-free mineral based intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent) that acts in the digestive tract to bind toxins, harmful substances, pathogens and allergens and remove them from the body. It is composed of 70% polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (silica) and 30% purified water.

  • Enterosgel® is ingested but not digested. The gel is not itself absorbed; it only adsorbs (binds to and eliminates) undesirable substances (due to their size). While passing through the colon it collects and eliminates harmful substances naturally within 7-24 hours, without entering the metabolic processes of the body. An effective detoxification approach suitable for most patients.
  • The efficient adsorbing properties and sponge-like gel structure makes the product easy to take and get the fast relief without experiencing unpleasant side effects or conflicts with medications.
  • Enterosgel doesn’t adsorb vitamins or nutrients. It adheres to and eliminates medium size opportunistic pathogens, toxins and heavy metals leaving microflora to flourish.

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