Metagenics Omega 3 test
Metagenics Omega 3 test
Metagenics Omega 3 test
Metagenics Omega 3 test
Metagenics Omega 3 test
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Metagenics Omega 3 test

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An Tool For Validating And Tailoring Omega-3 Recommendations!

Omega-3 Index Complete Test

  • The Omega-3 Index Test is asimple, easy-to-use validated test that measures red blood cell (RBC) omega-3 essential fatty acid (EPA and DHA) status to personalise supplemental and diet prescriptions.
  • A correlation has been found between an individual’s omega-3 index and their risk of certain conditions including cardiovascular health issues.
  • Can be used to validate Practitioner recommendations through measuring the impact of supplemental fish oil, such as MetaPure EPA/DHA.

Clinical Benefits: Omega-3 Index Test

The Omega-3 Index Test is an on-the-spot finger-prick test that measures the percentage of EPA and DHA in red blood cell (RBC) fatty acids.

The test itself specifically measures:

  • Omega-3 index (total combined EPA and DHA)
  • Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio
  • EPA:Arachidonic acid ratio
  • Total trans fats

It is understood that 4 out of 5 patients are not getting enough omega-3 intake, therefore, assessing omega-3 status validates the need for supplementation, as well as identifying those at risk of cardiovascular health issues.3,4

Ingredients: Omega-3 Index Test

Each kit contains 1 x sample collection card, lancet, bandage, gauze pad, alcohol wipe, return envelope

Directions: Omega-3 Index Test

Order HealthMasters Omega-3 Index Test kit from

When you receive the kit, follow the step-by-step instructions to collect a sample.

Avoid taking any omega-3 supplementation 12 hours before collecting the sample.

Mail sample: Insert your sample and collection card in the pre-paid return envelope and drop it in the mail.

Make sure that the sample is mailed on the same day as performing the test.

Get results: Within 1 to 2 weeks, we will receive your personalized results. We will contact you to arrange an appointment via Skype, telephone, or in our clinic.

Treatment planning: The test results and patient consultation history are used for appropriate practitioner recommendations.

Repeat the test within twelve weeks or less.

Warnings: Omega-3 Index Test


Persons with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners should consult their physicians prior to using this kit.

Do not reuse the kit.

Fatty acid testing is intended for nutritional status assessment and not to diagnose, cure, treat or mitigate any diseases.