How to Tell You Need to Take Better Care of Your Gut

by Samit Patel on August 14, 2021

The human body goes through numerous changes every day. When it comes to your gut, you can encounter various situations, including getting a “gut feeling,” feeling anxious, and having butterflies in your stomach every time you’re nervous or excited.

When your gut reacts, it is often connected to your mental health, which further tells you if you’re in good shape or require a visit to a wellness clinic near you for help. It’s important to know that your intestinal wall keeps seventy per cent of the cells comprising your immune system.

If you wish to remain in excellent health, you must make an effort to watch over your gut. If you don’t, you could face more health concerns in the long run. Unfortunately, when your mental health isn’t in its best condition, it could impact your gastrointestinal system too. Keep reading below to find out the common signs something is wrong with your gut.

You Experience Bloating Often

If you get a bloated stomach, it could be due to numerous causes, which are often not a reason to panic. The gut is very resilient and things should settle down if something has upset it. However, sometimes things can be there for a while. This is due to gut inflammation, stress or your diet. If you have sharp or shooting gut pain, cannot keep food down, pain when swallowing food or bleeding it could be more complicated and could be a severe underlying condition, you should see your doctor about it.

On the other hand, one common reason for bloating is the microbes present in your gut tend to eat away at the food you’ve just consumed. Every time it happens, the microbes release gases that can make your gut walls expand, which causes you to bloat.

If the gas the microbes produce gets trapped in your gut and isn’t moving over your intestine like they usually do, they build up and cause a person to feel bloated. Instead of thinking there’s excess gas inside you, there’s something wrong with the natural movement of your gut.

You Have Diarrhea More Than Usual

When you do your business in the bathroom, you can tell your stools are normal when their texture is solid. It indicates that your small intestine and colon are working right to absorb nutrients, fluids, and salts from the food you consume.

 But if you have diarrhea, it can prove that your digestion has a problem. In some cases, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins can negatively impact your gut lining, forcing your body to eliminate water through your bowel, which results in a soft and watery stool.

Depending on your situation, your diarrhea can last for only a couple of days up to more than four weeks. But if your condition doesn’t get better in time, you should reach out to your doctor or visit a health and wellness clinic right away. 

You are Getting Heartburn or Reflux  

Many people are quick to assume that when they get heartburn, they think it’s because their stomach is producing too much acid. While older people tend to experience reflux more than the younger generation, they actually have lower stomach acid.

As a result, reflux happens because of low stomach acid or acid appearing in the wrong places inside your body. When you experience heartburn, it’s likely your stomach acid refluxes into your esophagus, which you could help relieve through medication management.

Unfortunately, producing less stomach acid could result in bacterial overgrowth. If you often get acid reflux, you could try increasing your stomach acid and seek relief by taking supplements. Besides that, you could also get help from your doctor to learn how to improve your gut health.


Understanding how your gut works can often be complicated unless you ask for professional advice from your healthcare provider. If you’re experiencing bloating, diarrhea, and reflux more often than usual, you should think about making lifestyle changes to aim for better nutrition. Reaching out to your doctor is essential because it helps you discover ways on how to heal the gut too. 

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