Allergies Got You Down: Here are 7 Tips to Be Rid of Them

by Samit Patel on May 16, 2022

As the weather starts to calm down after the post-winter thaw and the summer heat arrives, many people begin to notice an increase in seasonal allergies. While this is a common occurrence every year, we have some tips that may help during these allergy seasons.

1. Watch Out for the Weather Forecast

A sudden change in the weather can cause an allergy flare-up. For example, as cold weather transitions into warmer temperatures and rain turn into a storm, flowers and plants begin to bloom. As a result, there will be more pollen in the air, increasing allergy symptoms.

The summer and fall months are the most active allergy seasons, and the specific date is different for each year. While we can’t predict the exact date, we can rely on our weather forecasts to know when it might occur.

2. Take a Shower Before Bed

It's been shown that people with allergies have less severe symptoms during allergy season if they shower before bed. This is because showering helps remove allergens from the hair and skin, which can cause a full-body allergic response.

If you are experiencing added symptoms, such as a headache or runny nose, take a shower before bed. It will help remove allergens from your hair and skin, which may remove the symptoms you feel throughout the day.

3. Do Spring Cleaning

Get rid of dust and allergens throughout your home, but keep in mind that cleaning the air is the most important aspect of spring cleaning.

Some simple ways to clean the air in your home include washing your bedding, cleaning your windows and opening the windows to provide fresh air.

Dust and vacuum all floors in your home, especially in areas where allergens collect, such as a corner of a room or behind a piece of furniture.

4. Get a HEPA Filter

If you are someone who feels like they need more help, you can invest in a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. A HEPA filter is a device that traps tiny particles that would otherwise be circulated throughout your home. The good news is that they are inexpensive and can be purchased at many stores.

5. Use Hot Water for Laundry

Another way to help remove allergens from your home is to use hot water for laundry. The hot temperature will kill all microorganisms and dust mites in your clothes.

Hot temperatures are also much better for the clothes themselves. If you use the hottest temperature setting, your clothes will last much longer, and you may find that your clothes are softer than before.

6. Never Air Dry your Clothes

Airing your clothes will release all of the pollen that is trapped within them. This means that you will be breathing in more pollen and suffering from more allergy symptoms.

Always use the dryer in a hot setting and clean your lint trap every time you use it.

7. Get Checked for Asthma

If you are experiencing chronic allergy symptoms, you should consider getting checked for asthma. Many people with asthma have allergies, and the symptoms can be difficult to distinguish. Many tests can determine whether or not you have asthma, and a doctor can run these tests to determine the cause of your respiratory issues.

Say Goodbye to your Allergies

There are many ways you can combat seasonal allergies, even if you don’t have severe allergy symptoms. Taking these steps may help you avoid the dreary feeling of seasonal allergies, making you feel like you are drowning in allergies season after season.

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