Ways to Prevent Triggering Seasonal Allergies

by Samit Patel on August 12, 2021

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes blooming flower beds, sparkling dewdrops creating a whimsical atmosphere, and new beginnings. But beyond the waking beauty of nature and longer, sunkissed hours follows a dreaded condition that plagues people left and right: seasonal allergies. 

Children and adults alike deal with constant sneezing, sniffling, and itchiness due to hay fever, an allergic reaction that is easily triggered during spring. This is because it’s the time of the year where pollen from trees spreads through the breeze, while mould infestation is likely to happen in damp places as snow melts. 

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, so don’t let the threat of seasonal allergies keep you indoors by nipping your triggers in the bud before it brings out your allergic rhinitis: 

Tip #1: Avoid Allergy Triggers

The best way to prevent allergy triggers is to lower your exposure, but that doesn’t mean you should stay indoors until spring passes. It’s all a matter of plotting the best days for you to enjoy the outside world during slightly rainy days since it clears the pollen from the air. 

If you want to take a lovely strong wind during windy days, it’s best to wear a pollen mask so you can protect yourself from these triggers. Other ways to reduce your exposure to pollen involve taking a shower to wash away any pollen stuck to your skin and hair after going outside!

Tip #2: Maintain a Clean, Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioning system is your best friend when spring arrives since it can effectively filter out the pollen that might enter your home. Having a dehumidifier can also keep your air indoors dry, which is great at preventing mould growth! 

Tip #3: Switch Up Your Home Furnishing 

Spring is believed to be the time for deep cleaning, but it’s best to go ahead and change your home furnishings before the new season rolls around. For example, putting plastic covers over your mattress and investing in hypoallergenic pillows can prevent trapping dust mites that can add to your allergies.

Getting rid of long drapes also helps clear your home decor of any materials that can easily collect dander and other forms of allergens. 

The Bottom Line: Simple Ways to Prevent Seasonal Allergies

It’s hard to beat allergies when there are triggers everywhere. So when you can’t prevent allergy attacks from happening, it’s best to stock up on medication that can help relieve your condition. 

Getting the quality care you need for a wide range of conditions is important; that’s why it’s worth exploring your options when it comes to finding the best wellness centre that can meet your healthcare needs. 

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