We are very excited to announce a NEW service to our portfolio at the Pharmacy. Sam has invested in a live blood screening machine that provides an immediate insight into many of the patients physiological factors. The screening works simply by taking a prick sample of your blood and then analysing it under the microscope. 

Because the blood sample is live we are able to view how the cells are moving and interacting with others, the exact shape of the cells and the monitor various parameters within your body.

These parameters can include:

  • inflammation levels
  • oxidative stress
  • health of your blood e.g. iron, B12 , essential fatty acid levels
  • immune function
  • liver stress 


By assessing the degree of severity of these parameters (none / mild / moderate / severe) we can use this information to refine a patients health and Biomarker Index. The information can be used for all kinds of conditions including weight loss, skin conditions, allergies and more. Being able to view the blood parameters now and then say in 12 weeks not only optimises patients wellness but also helps us to manage a patients condition and react accordingly.

To book a Hemaview Screening simply call the Pharmacy and make an appointment or enquire online. 

Full Screening - 25-30 minute appointment where your blood will be analysed and you will be taken through in detail all of the parameters from the live screening.

$80 For A Full Screening


Check out what one of our customers thought....

“I have been seeing Sam for a relatively short amount of time and the changes I have felt in this time have been amazing. I was most impressed with the new blood screening machine called Hemaview. The information Sam was able to tell me from this was incredible and for such a minimal cost.

I highly recommend this as it gives you such an insight as to what is going on inside your body. Sams kind and gentle nature makes him a pleasure to work with.”