Hemaview - Live Blood Screening

This NEW Screening tool provides an immediate insight into many of the physiological factors by the direct observation of a live blood sample from the patient.

Zinc Test

Zinc is a key nutrient for our bodies and one that builds the immune system and protects us from colds and coughs.  We offer a walk in service FREE of charge so come in, sip a drink and tell us what it tastes like. We can then help you!

Blood Pressure Testing

You don't have to go to your doctors to get your blood pressure done - pop in and see one of our friendly team and we can do it for you. A small charge does apply.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

The comprehensive stool analysis test can help identify live bacteria, yeast, parasites, maldigestion, bacterial metabolism, inflammation and immune function. This test will help to personalise a treatment plan if you are currently experiencing digestive issues or have had a history of digestive problems. Book an appointment at our Wellness Clinic.

Cholesterol Testing

You can be as fit as a fiddle but still have high cholesterol so it's best to know early and do something about it. At the pharmacy we can do a simple test that will tell us what levels your cholesterol are. Once we have this info we can sit down with you, explain the results and provide some guidance on next steps.

Bowel Screening Test

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of Cancer in New Zealand and affects thousands of families. Don't become a statistic, have regular bowel screening to reduce the risk. At the pharmacy we offer a take home bowel screening test kit which you then directly send to the lab. A testing fee applies

Hearing test

Come in to the store and take a quick 2 minute hearing test for FREE. Yes, you heard us correctly, for free. So next time you are waiting for a prescription pop on the headphones and give those ears a quick test!