Faxed Prescription Service

Haven't got time to go to your doctors to collect a prescription? No worries just get your doctor to fax it through to us on 09 413 9325 and we can dispense your medicine the same day. This is a FREE service

Southern Cross Prescription Claiming

It can be a hassle to keep claiming back your prescription charges from Southern Cross. We can now claim  your prescriptions charges on your behalf and this will be paid to us directly, all we need is your membership card.

Blister Packs

Are you having difficulties remembering to take your mediciation? Take all the stress out with these easy to use blister packs. Use them on a daily basis or have them made up when you are going away on holiday. For more information ask about them at the pharmacy. A fee applies.

Prescription Reminder Service

Never forget that repeat prescription again. Simply give us your email address and our system will auto generate an email to remind you. It's a free service so sign up today.