"I have been seeing Sam for a relatively short amount of time and the changes I have felt in this time have been amazing. I was most impressed with the new blood screening machine called Hemaview. The information Sam was able to tell me from this was incredible and for such a minimal cost.

I highly recommend this as it gives you such an insight as to what is going on inside your body. Same kind and gentle nature make him a pleasure to work with."



"I found my whole consultation with was Samit wonderful.  He listens to everything that was happening in my life, about my symptoms and how I feeling. He was caring and easy to talk with.  The way he explained how my eczema was affecting my whole body was great. 

I have always had eczema but just have put up with it until now.  By following Samits advice, my eczema cleared up and I am now committed to staying dairy free.  I was also suffering from tiredness and feeling flat.  Samit listened carefully to what was happening and prescribed a combinations of vitamins to help restore my adrenals.  It took about 3 weeks (which he said it would) and it worked!  I felt a lot better and had more energy and felt happier.  This was good timing as we decided to pack and move within two weeks to Palmerston North. 

Packing a house with two preschools and feeling low in energy wouldn't have worked but thanks to Samit I now have energy to pack a whole house in two weeks!I have recommended him to all my friends and family when they mention a health issue.  The way he listened and looked at the big picture was great.  I have lost 3 kilos and its staying off. I would recommend Samit to anyone, in fact there isn't many who I haven't recommended him to."



"I have an auto immune condition that at various times makes me very sick. I have searched and tried for many cures or at least a regime that complimented prescription medicine-that really made a difference. Until I consulted Sam I had had varying success but nothing compared to the outcome that Sam has achieved for me. 

I cannot believe the difference in my condition. Where previously I experienced a lot of pain and constant exhaustion I can honestly say I have neither at present. Infact I am now able to live and work in the high energy way I used to. I had to do my bit too which was to follow the diet exactly as instructed and take the supplements (they don't always taste great) everyday. 

Sam really "knows his stuff" and I believe I have found the way forward for the rest of my life. I think Sam is genius in the way he uses his ever growing knowledge. I tell everyone I can about him because I am so grateful for the huge change he has bought about in my health state. I cannot thank him enough. No wonder he won young pharmacist of the year and how lucky Greenhithe is to have him."



"I have recommended Sam to a number of my friends, which I believe is the greatest compliment you can pay someone. Also I can’t express adequately how much my health & quality of life have improved since I underwent my treatment with Sam. His positive ‘can do attitude’ that he hides behind his smile was a source of inspiration to me."



"I had quite a variety of health concerns when I had my first clinic with Sam, and I found that Sam was able to work through each of the problems, listened really well and could 'narrow down' to the main causes of symptoms and best of all actually get results! Sam is friendly and very professional, I trust his advice and research, and recommend his clinic to anyone with ongoing health issues."



"In all the years that I have been going to Chemist shops and having conversation with Chemist Mr Samit Patel of Greenhithe Care Chemist, would easily be the most outstanding chemist I have dealt with, this also goes for all seven members of my family.

From the moment that you enter his shop you feel welcome he not only remembers your name but also has outstanding recall for any aliments that you may have had. He takes the time to explain the effects of the medication that has been prescribed and is always very knowledgeable on “off the shelf” products that may assist you. His dispensing practice is one of the best I have come upon and he is always aware when repeats are due and the shop is very well set out.  Sam has also been extremely helpful in my quest to lose weight which, through his advice, is now showing some great result."



"My iron stores went down to 4 and I was feeling pretty dreadful – Sam sat me down and went through my diet and some blood test results, and I haven’t felt this good for a very long time! He put me on a high protein & strict diet for two weeks to clean out my gut and as well my prescribed Iron he recommended Iron Boost, B12, and some disgusting cardboard tasting powder for my stomach! After a couple of weeks I had lost 2.5kg’s and was starting to feel sane again, not even needing my afternoon Nana nap!

When I went back for my second iron test a couple of months later, my stores had gone up to 14 – I was bitterly disappointed but Sam (not my Dr) pointed out that this result was pretty amazing – it can take months to build up stores again so I was actually pretty pleased with myself after that! It was just so refreshing having someone actually listen to me, who could take the time to explain how things work in your body – sometimes the Dr’s miss this out!

After three months I wasn’t having to take any Losec (I’d been on for nausea from being anaemic) I’d cut out bread completely from my diet which made a huge difference to my gut and my Iron stores were up to 22 last time I checked (highest they have ever been) It is simply having someone who will listen and take the time has been invaluable – don’t get me wrong – it’s completely up to me to stick to the diet, but just having someone take the time, listen and slowly go through my diet and the stuff I’d been taking has been something I really appreciate. Sometimes we just need someone to point us in the right direction and thanks to Sam – I’m actually starting to be pleasant to live with!!!!" 



"I first met Sam in November 2013 when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I have since been making an excellent recovery in these few short months due to Sam's mentoring which included a one on one Nutritional Workshop. The Nutritional Workshop was extremely beneficial as it was tailored to my needs. We went through my diet and Sam discussed healing and anti-inflammatory foods. As I already eat raw, Sam was able to provide me with confirmation and fill in the gaps when necessary - such as reminding me to keep making bone broth soups and to stick to low fibre while my gut was still inflamed.

Sam was also an expert in guiding me with nutritional supplementation and once again tailoring this to my specific recovery needs and changing the regime as my body progressed with healing. He explained how each supplement worked and how my body would benefit, which I found to be very informative and empowering. It has been a huge comfort to me knowing that Sam has understood my symptoms and that he has the nutritional knowledge and commitment to work with me on my healing journey.

Sam is an amazing person and anyone I have mentioned his name to seems to feel the same way. He is an excellent listener and always seems to be calm - no matter how busy the pharmacy is, each person is given the time they need. Sam goes above and beyond with his caring approach while remaining the true professional that he is.I do believe that my recovery has been accelerated by the positive experience of working with Sam and following his recommendations. His happy nature, empathy and commitment to health have helped me through my ups and downs. I am extremely grateful for all that Sam has done for me." 



"After a lifetime of suffering with eczema I went to see Sam in the hope that he had a miracle cure! After my initial consultation I had a strict plan with regular follow up visits to the Wellness Clinic. I can't say it was an easy road and things got worse before they got better but it's been a year now since my initial visit and for the first time in 40 years I feel like I have some control over my skin. Sam is a very knowledgable, caring, persistent guy who is determined to get to the cause of the condition not just treat the symptoms, thanks Sam."