Why You Should Be Taking Your Medication as Prescribed

When taking prescribed medication for illnesses, it is important to follow certain rules and protocols. These protocols are in place to ensure that the person taking the medication is properly healed and undergoing treatment.

However, there are reasons why non-compliance happens. And no matter how valid one’s reasons may be, that is still not an excuse to not adhere to the medication requirements.

Reasons for Non-Compliance

There are many reasons why some individuals do not take the prescribed medication as they were told. Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • The prescribed medication is too expensive
  • The person feels better, making it feel like they no longer need to take medication
  • The medication is not working after a few days
  • Forgetting to take them on time

However, all these reasons are something that can be resolved. As long as the person taking the medication takes the right measures, these are easy to deal with habits and behaviour.

Tips to take Prescribed Medication on Time

The following are some of the best tips for taking your medication on time. These tips are based on the common problem that has been mentioned above.

1. Expensive Medicine

Medicine is expensive, and if you do not have insurance to cover them, you can easily be broke. This is why many people choose to skip their medication because they cannot afford them.

If your prescribed medication seems a little too expensive, do not take half doses or skip these. Instead, try talking to your doctor to see whether there is a cheaper alternative. See if they have other options for you that would work.

2. Feeling Better

This is a common case scenario where a person immediately feels better after taking the medication for a couple of days. The moment they feel better, they feel like the medication is no longer necessary.

When taking medication, such as antibiotics, it is important to complete the entire course of the medicine. This is being done to avoid your bodybuilding resistance against bacteria and viruses. The more you take medication without finishing the course, the more your body builds its resistance. This means that you will need a higher dosage next time. Make sure to take the entire course so that the medication remains effective on your body.

3. The Medication is Not Working After a Few Days

Sometimes, medications may take a while to kick in. Try and complete the medication course first before going back to your doctor if the complaint about whatever illness is still there. However, if it is a crucial illness, then it is recommended to go to the doctor immediately and inform them about the medicine not working.

4. Forgetting to Take Them on Time

There may be days when you forget to take them on time, or you end up completely skipping them and remembering the following day. While this is accidental, it still has bad side effects on you and your body.

If you have a tendency to forget to take them on time, it is recommended that you set an alarm for it. That way, you cannot forget your schedule when needing to take medication.


Taking the prescribed medication on time and consistently is important. If you continue to face any issues with your prescription, try out any of our resolutions above to see if it will work for you.

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